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Saue Manor has been crowned with the title-the most beautiful and valuable estate complex in the Baltic states.

The founder of the Saue Manor is Friedrich Herman von Fersen.
In 1786, Baron von Fersen called the Manor-Friedrichshof.

The kitchen with walk-in fireplace, one of the few remaining in use in Estonia, is a reminder of the 18th century.


The manor complex includes:

  • Main building (900 m2)
  • Outbuilding (left) (700 m2)
  • Outbuilding (right) (300 m2)
  • Ice Cellar (107 m2)
  • 17 hectares of Manor Park
  • 13 hectares of meadows

The Saue Manor complex has been under national historic preservation since 1954, and the 14.3-hectare park is under conservancy.